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what's your relationship status?... with your hair

In a world of labels and boxes it’s often difficult to define Which categories we fall under. Our clients come into the salon and when sitting down with them it’s becomes apparent a general feeling of a persons own relationship they have with their hair.

 As Hair professionals it’s our Job to take that general feeling, and encourage clients to open up about those feelings- explore the aspects they feel connected to and the areas which have tipped off the balance scales and how we can level those scales again.

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself... what’s my hair relationship status?”

lykke & Hygge

-Attached? -casual? -not interested? -open relationship? -Bruised from previous experiences? -No chance of finding a connection?


If your already attached and feeling fantastic in the love affair you and your hair share then we can simply keep offering you the best suggestions to work with what you already love and keep that relationship blossoming, like the florist you buy your roses from on Valentine’s Day. 

some People say ”if it isn’t broke- don’t fix it ” we are always happy to maintain that relationship you feel content with, ultimately we all want that connection and once you have found it, you can now relax and enjoy your locks knowing it has all worked out in the end. 


Are you easy going when it comes to your hair, are you happy to try different things, reinvent yourself as far As your mood, trends, seasons and change will allow. Why stick with one look when you can try lots of different looks. You might look back and prefer some looks to others but at least you explored what options were out there for you. 

We can help you get inventive, we can Guide you in what’s achievable and what options are available for you. You can trust that we will look at you as an individual that embraces who you are and stand along side you. For you we can be the matchmakers in your journey to finding out what’s right for you. 

Not Interested?

We all have busy lives and our priorities all lie in different places, are you too focussed on other things to give your hair much attention? That’s ok, as much as we love hair, we work with it because it’s our passion- we don’t expect it to be yours too. Your relationship with your hair is more of a family member you have to check In with, or a friend who you only catch up with every few months-and by no means  is it less enjoyable when you do. 

Often your hair is probably in better condition because it has less styling involved on a daily basis, you may leave it a little longer than others but we know you’ll get round to it and we are happy to sort you out when your ready into something you can manage and That will have longevity. We can check what you like- what you don’t and then you can take some time out for yourself and relax, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Open relationship?

Are you someone who doesn’t feel especially connected to one stylist? You notice when your hair is ready to be done, you Don’t mind who does it as long as they do a nice job. Sometimes it’s just an Impulsive moment where you decide that today or this week its become a priority in your life to make that appointment and as long as it looks nice then all is right in the world. 

Our team are all highly experienced in all of the aspects of hairdressing we offer, we all charge the same rate because we all do hair to a great standard and we believe in the work everyone produces. Our team will look at you through fresh eyes and we will always do our best for you In a non judgement environment so you can feel comfortable just coming in even if we haven’t seen you before or for a while.

Booking with us is simple- you can call in and check our availability, give us a call on 01386 45148 or simply book online via the website  it’s a simple booking system designed for everyone to see our availability. 

Bruised from previous experience?

Have you had a terrible experience that has put you in total disconnection with yourself? Do you feel that disconnection right now with you and your hair? We understand how important that connection is and when you feel you haven’t been listened to and what you were hoping for is not materialised the way you thought - it can be an upsetting, frustrating, untrusting experience that can really knock your confidence.

Our aim is to always put you at ease. You will always be listened to and we will put the time into making sure you feel comfortable enough to express yourself.  We are here to build people and install confidence when you look back at yourself.

Our experience will mean we can offer an honest approach with a professional yet empathetic manner. Our role is to help People in your position and we will always do whats right by You. free consultations can always be booked if you would like some additional time to chat with one of the the professionals in our team. 

No chance of finding a connection??

Are you that person that wakes up everyday feeling totally lost of what to do with your hair?  Maybe you used to love your hair but you fell out of love with it and feel there is no way back. Are you that person who never found a connection with your hair and feel at your wits end with it. 

We can help, sometimes it’s going through everything- get all of your frustrations out and then we can start working on a journey with you & your hair. There are so many ways of adapting your hair, through many different services that could put you back in sync when you look at yourself in the mirror. Sometimes a little knowledge can go along way. 

As a team, we are all problem solvers that will work with you to help you find what your looking for. 

Think of us

Maybe your hair relationship status falls into one of these categories, maybe more than one, maybe it doesn’t fall into any of these as we are individuals without having to give a label. 

We will always respect your needs and work hard to achieve fantastic results. 

Next time your thinking about your hair relationship status- think of us, give us a call, pop in or book online into our calm, light, clean and fresh salon and may your hair journey start or carry on with us. 

Ross Chaplain

Co-owner of Lykke & Hygge

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