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Unlock the Secrets to Lucious Curls: Tav's Guide to Curly Hair Care

Updated: Apr 23

Here at Lykke & Hygge, we're firm believers that any and all hair types can shine with the right care and attention. Today, we're chatting to our resident curl expert Tavia as she gives us all her tips, tricks and insider knowledge on how to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls. Tav's passion for empowering her curly-haired clients is something she's well known for, and we're excited to share her invaluable insights with you all.

"Curly hair is my passion; something I feel very strongly about. 

My natural hair journey is what inspired me to become a stylist. Over the years I’ve tried lots of methods, routines and products, eventually finding what works for me and my curls. I feel very lucky to have this platform now, along with the opportunity to give back, helping others on their own personal hair  journey.

I relate to the struggle of trying to find a stylist who understands your hair and works with, rather than against your texture. I take great pleasure in guiding my clients along their own personal hair journey."

Click here to view more of Tav's work on her Instagram page.


Understanding the Curl

Curly hair is unique, and embracing its natural texture really is the key to unlocking its beauty. It's not just a hair type; it's a lifestyle.

A curly haired woman sits on a beach looking into the distance. Her hair is dark and very long, with big, bouncy curls which look very healthy and well maintained.

A key element in understanding how to care for your curls is determining your hair's porosity. Low porosity hair typically needs more help absorbing and retaining moisture, while high porosity hair can often absorb it quite quickly and will also dry more rapidly. A quick way to work out which of these categories your hair falls into is to consider your own shower routine - does your hair repel water and take some time to become saturated? This means it is low porosity. Alternatively, does it absorb the shower water quickly and easily? This is a sign of high porosity hair. It's worth noting that product build up can also affect your hair's porosity, meaning heavy products such as oils or butters can give the illusion that your hair repels moisture. Be sure to test this out on clean, product-free hair.

Understanding your curl type will enable you to unlock your hair's potential: curls, coils and waves are all unique, so discovering what's right for you and your own hair routine is super important.


The Foundation of Curly Hair Care

Start your curly hair journey with the right foundation - a moisturising shampoo and conditioner is a key part of any hair care routine. Hydrated curls are happy curls!

Our salon-favourite products are curated to help enhance your curls' natural pattern, leaving them bouncy and vibrant. A hydrating shampoo will gently clean and moisturise your hair, providing the perfect blank canvas for you to tailor your wash day to your hair's specific needs. Choosing a conditioner which allows you to easily detangle your hair will help minimise breakage and allow you to work through those knots with ease. Deep conditioning your curls either weekly or bi-weekly is crucial. Make sure to select a mask which addresses your own hair concerns, whether that's a moisturising mask for hair that's feeling fragile and dry, or a protein-based mask for limp and lifeless curls.

Our Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate range is perfect for giving you a great foundation to work with rather than against your natural texture.

Pictured left: Authentic Beauty Concept

Replenish Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Picture right: Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask


The Art of Styling

Once you've nailed your foundation, styling your curly hair will become an art, not a chore. Embrace the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to help define those curls without causing frizz. One of Tav's top tips is to diffuse your curls upside down to create volume - she often tells her curly clients to alternate between the hot and cold settings on their hairdryer as the cool air will set your style whilst preventing frizz.

And let's talk products. Having a clear goal in your mind will really help you choose the perfect products for you. As every curly girl will no doubt know, what works for one person's curls might spell disaster for your own. Carefully tailoring your arsenal of products to your own specific hair needs is a game changer - trust us, your hair will thank you for it!

A selection of five products from Authentic Beauty Concept, Sessional Label and Osis, lined up in front of a log background next to a plant. These products have been selected as they are all great for curly hair.
Pictured left to right: Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Lotion, Session Label The Definer, Osis Tipsy Twirl Enhancing Jelly, Osis Bounty Balm Curl Cream, Session Label The Salt

Tav has recommended these products to countless curly clients to help maintain their hair health whilst making styling that little bit easier.

Gel based products, such as our Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Lotion and the Osis Tipsy Twirl, will give you the most definition and hold, helping your wash day last that much longer.

Session Label's The Definer is a curl cream with enhanced hold, ensuring your style has that longevity we all look for.

Our Osis Bounty Balm doubles up as a blow dry balm, offering smoothing properties to both curly and straight hair - meaning you get great value out of this product.

The Session Label Salt Spray is great for adding texture to waves, giving you the beachy, lived-in look.


Night Time TLC

A woman with looser, natural curls which are blonde, standing with her back to the camera in a field

You've put in all the groundwork: you've taken the time to understand your curls; you've tailored your routine and products to suit your hair type, and you've got a goal in mind. We don't want to undo all your good work by neglecting your curls at night time! Swapping out your regular pillowcase for a silk or satin one will help to minimise friction and keep your curls intact. Consider a loose pineapple updo to protect your tresses whilst you sleep, ensuring you wake up to fabulous, ready-to-go curls.


Curly Hair Myths Busted

Trust us, we've heard them all - "Curly hair doesn't need regular trims", "Heat doesn't damage curly hair". We're here to debunk the myths and reassure you that with the right products and techniques, managing and styling curly hair can be a breeze.


We truly understand the unique needs of curly hair and are dedicated to enhancing its natural beauty. Ready to transform your hair into the curls of your dreams?

Visit us at Lykke & Hygge for more expert advice, or to book in with our of our hair professionals.


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