Lykke & Hygge Family

At Lykke and Hygge, we believe in the professionalism and comfort our team brings to the client.

We provide an excellent space for amazing work to be achieved. We fully understand that the key to feeling happy and relaxed, within that space all relies on a feeling of rapport with us and finding the right Hair Stylist for you. 

We all follow a vow to do what is best for our clients, keeping you at the forefront of everything we do.

Check out our team below so you can get to know us a little better.

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Ross Alexander

Salon owner &

Creative Director

ross lykke & Hygge.jpg

"'Working in the Hairdressing industry for 13 years has been incredible, gaining experience in the industry has enabled me to enjoy perfecting my craft. The industry is quick paced, forever changing and its always exciting to constantly work to stay at the top of your game..


Combining the creative, structured and problem solving parts of my personality allows me to create what may be small to some, but to my clients- it really adds to how they feel about themselves.


Never under estimate how different a person can look and feel after a trip to a salon.

My interest lies in the heart of my clients, The variety of every individual and their relationship with their hair.


I respect that your hair is very personal to you and always work with you to find colours, styles, and haircuts to suit your goals, lifestyle and needs.

I really enjoy my long term clients and looking back over our hair journey together. "

Specialises in

  • Natural looking colour

  • Fine Hair

  • Texturising, thinning + choppy hair

  • Grey blending/ Root blending

  • Colour correction

  • Products + condition

  • Cutting correction



Libby Lykke & Hygge.jpg

"'Since I was eleven years old, I pictured the day that I would open my own salon.  On my first job interview in the hair industry I was asked why I wanted to be a hairdresser? The young me replied that I wanted to make people feel confident and good about themselves. Every day since, I have worked and seen the difference through my own eyes and now realise it is way more important than I first ever thought.

Confidence in a 15 year old, is very different to that of a 30 year old, a 60 year old, and again to an 80 year old. it is so different for every person, and I love that I can be a helping hand in gaining and keeping that confidence.

I am a passionate stylist and colourist that wants to bring out the best in every individual. I will do what you want and listen to your needs whilst sneeking in cheeky suggestions to see how you tick.  I enjoy people, what everyone has to say makes me learn everyday. 


I started my hairdressing journey with two amazing bosses who taught me everything I know. They were inspiring, busy, firm and had very high standards and I thank them for the dedication and training they installed into me because it has enabled me to be determined to touch more peoples lives through positivity in any way I can."

Specialises in:

  • Blonde Hair

  • Bleach work

  • Baylayage

  • Colour correction

  • Styling + curling

  • On trend cuts

  • Cutting unmanageable hair

  • Curly hair

Salon owner &

Creative Director

Kayleigh Lykke & Hygge.jpg

Kayleigh Hughes

Senior Stylist

"'Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in hair. I remember having a make believe salon. My Barbies would come along to get their hair coloured. (in those days it was a felt tip pen but it worked well for them) 


As I grew up, My passion for hair grew and by the time i left school I knew I wanted to be a hair stylist. As time has gone by and my confidence has grown, I love my job more than ever.

I'm a strong believer that if your hair is amazing, you can have the confidence to leave my chair with your head held high and a smile on your face. Your hair is an accessory you wear every day so why shouldnt it be amazing.

I love giving my clients an amazing service in all areas of hairdressing. Every client that comes in for an appointment with me is part of my life, my extended family. I always aim to bring out the happiness in everyone and I hope the work that I do shows how much I love my job."

Specialises in :

  • Precision cutting

  • Low maintenance colour

  • Short hair cuts

  • Highlighting hair

  • Gents cutting

  • Fahion shades

Sarah Coleman


Senior Stylist

"I always remember going into the salon my mum worked in and seeing her so happy, smiling and laughing whilst talking with her clients. The salon had a great social atmosphere, there was a buzz and a sense of community in there. I could see people walking out with their heads held high and feeling good......and I knew then I wanted to work in a salon and become a hairdresser to give people that same confidence.

I was born in England and grew up in Scotland which is where I trained to be a hairdresser. It was a small town and after training, decided to gain a bit more life experience so I went to australia for four years in which I gained my own confidence and independence. I met many different types of people both in the salon and out.


Now that I've moved back to England, I want to continue to help people feel confident so they feel they can become the best version of themselves.


I love being a hairdresser in that I will always be learning something new everyday and continuing to challenge myself. I have always loved being around people and forming trust and a bond with my clients is very important to me.

Specialises in:

  • Restyling hair

  • Hair updo's and wedding hair

  • Client maintenence

  • Colour changes

  • Client consultation

  • Fashion & pastel colouring

Olivia Mcknight

Salon PA and future professional

Olivia Lykke & Hygge.jpg

"'At Lykke and Hygge, I am learning what it takes to be a future professional and have a career in Hairdressing.

I am gaining practical, hands on experience, gaining theory knowledge as a recognised qualification too.


During my time as an apprentice, I will need models to put my theory work into practice.

I am really interested in becoming a colourist, but I am keen to take in as many skills as possible so I am ready to work as a well rounded stylist when my qualification is complete.

If you are interested in helping me progress with my qualification,  take a look below at some of the categories I will need models for, please dont hesistate to get in touch."

(terms and conditions apply- subject to availability)

Models needed:

  • Classic cut

  • Classic colour

  • Blow dry & styling

  • Hair updos

  • Setting



tav pic.JPG

Salon assistant & future professional

"Growing up, I battled with my hair- It was a love/ hate relationship. I struggled with caring for it and I had no idea where to start in terms of styling it.


Over the years, as I've now learn't to look after my own hair and become more confident in my own skin and discovered a deep rooted passion for hair that i was unaware i even had.

At Lykke and Hygge i am currently a general salon assistant but will soon be starting a full time apprenticeship. I'm really looking forward to 'learning the ropes' of the professional hairdressing world- particularly helping care for clients with textured hair.

I'm especially interested in learning the art of bridal/ pin up hair however, I am just as keen to aquire all other skills along the way.

I believe loving your hair is the first step to loving yourself. There is a perfect style and colour out there for everyone, its just a case of finding it."