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Our salon has been designed with our customers in mind.
We are a mixture of old and new, rustic and sleek, colour verses neutral.

With a focus on sustainability we wanted to upcycle, source one off pieces yet still keep a modern homely feel so everyone can relax and enjoy the space. We used Hygge as inspiration mixed with many years of experience to create what we felt would make a practical salon function well whilst still being relaxing.
As time goes on, we will add to the homely feel of the salon. Now the salon is filled with real plants, studio pottery and lovely scented candles so whenever people arrive, our mission is for you to find that cosiness that Hygge is centred around.

Our aim is to take you away from your stressful lives and take that time for yourself - even if it's just for a short time.
No matter who you are, we invite you to join us and discover our hygge environment for yourself.

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