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Our Salon Culture

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Hygge is a Danish concept that we have adopted to bring to you in our salon.

Getting your hair done is one of life's simple pleasures. You can forget about the stress and worries in everyday life and simply enjoy being you without all of the pressures.

Our aim is make you feel relaxed with hygge concepts, to clear your mind for a short time and make you look and feel amazing by the time your appointment is over.

A woman holds a stack of cosy, chunk knitted blankets in pastel colours
A stack of aged, rustic books rests on a desk next to a white china cup and saucer
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luuh-kah (n)

to have joy, happiness, good luck and fortune.



hoo-gah (n)

coziness and a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being. Enjoying life's simple pleasures


A woman relaxes with her eyes shut and her head resting over a hair wash basin as a hairdresser massages her head and lathers product into her hair

By definition

Hygge Essential ethos that we aim to bring to you always

  • Creating atmosphere

  • Being present

  • Pleasure in indulgence

  • Total equality

  • Gratitude in the little things

  • Harmony and balance

  • Being comfortable

  • Truce and no drama

  • Togetherness and building relationships

  • Enjoying your environment

For a deeper dive on the meaning of the words 'lykke' and 'hygge', head over to our in depth blog post here on what these Danish concepts mean and how you can bring them to your own life,

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