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Lykke and Hygge? .. what does it mean?

Since we have opened our salon business, we have been asked countless times where we came up with the name and what does it mean. 

So to clarify, the words Lykke and Hygge are unfortunately not our last names. They are Danish words which we have adopted to give us a perfect salon ideology.


‘Lykke’ (pronounced like or officially lu-Kah) is the word for joy and happiness. In a world full of negativity and disaster, how do we know where to begin to find joy and happiness? 

How can we measure the things that make us happy? In my opinion, the smallest and simplest of things can bring joy into our lives and when we sort out the little things, it often has a ripple effect towards the bigger things.

As we are fast approaching the winter, it’s a perfect time to slow things down. We can make the most of life’s simple pleasures as we have longer evenings, get togethers with friends or family and make the most of being in a comfortable ‘homely environment.’ 


The joy in life’s simple pleasures and wellbeing is what centres around the concept of ‘Hygge. this Danish word roughly translates to the word ‘coziness’ but is built around so much more than that. Hygge is a mindset, a way of life, a general collection of Danish values that focuses on balance to keep you centred, grounded, calm, happy and relaxed.

We want to bring Lykke and Hygge into your vocabulary so you can introduce it into your life wherever and whenever you see fit. 

Switch your mind off, forget about politics, frustrations, drama and make some time for Hygge

What is wrong with taking some time for yourself?

Why do we feel guilty when it’s a perfectly reasonable request to yourself to dedicate some time for your own wellbeing? 

Some typical Hygge ideas/tips 

-inviting a few friends over to play games, indulge in food, drink and enjoy each other’s company.

-Wrapping yourself up in a blanket, light some candles and read that book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t found the time.

-Scrapbooking some old photographs with a loved one to add some homely touches for your home, with a hot chocolate.

-Arranging to meet up with that friend you haven’t seen for a while, get outdoors and connect with people and nature.

-Putting on your comfy clothes and practicing a hobby that makes you feel like yourself. 

-Clearing out your house of things you don’t need and keeping the things you really want.

-Bake those cakes, enjoy making them, enjoy eating them.

-If life is stressful at home, take yourself off to somewhere you find relaxing, enjoy the company of yourself and others. Don’t think about the rest of your day/week whilst your there.

The list is endless. I will be writing future blogs on Hygge lifestyle so make sure you keep up to date with our latest blogs and I hope our introduction will bring you closer to ‘Lykke’ & ‘Hygge ‘ and hopefully understand the concept behind the beautiful salon we are proud to have created with your well- being at the forefront of our minds. 

If you struggle to find your Hygge place where you can switch off- don’t worry we have enough custom made Hygge space to share and we hope we can become the environment you can come to relax in. 

Ross Alexander 

Lykke & Hygge 

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