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Sarah's style guide for those looking for a revamp and to release their inner sass this autumn.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As we draw to the end of the summer, our previously sunny fresh post lockdown style might not be sitting all together well with the clothing you've brought to the front of your wardrobe. Now we need to start to embrace the change of season that's looming.

We have discussed these changes in salon and sarah has given her take on some ideas to spruce up your inner sass and embrace the on trend change you've been longing for by choosing a signature look for inspiration.

Collar bone, one length blunt wavy lob.

"People ask us all of the time what the latest trend in hairdressing is? "


....because this easy to manage, feminine, edgy yet soft hairstyle is a real take over for those who are after a revamp. This haircut is great if you like having long hair but want a cut with some umph!

Do you want hair to style but don't want an all day perfecting it session?

Do you want to still be able to get all of your hair to tie up if you need it?

Do you want to keep your ends feeling healthy and full?

This cut really does have it all!

If your growing out a graduated bob or many shorter cuts, this length is a great style to grow into, as it evens out your hair so you can grow it down further and it wont look too dissimilar from the front length your used to. Although once you've seen the benefits of this versatile sassy shape - my guess is you will be keeping it regularly trimmed into the same look.

-Do you have dry bleached ends from old baylayage/ ombre that is lack-lustre?

Sure the ends can be saved by investing in the right treatments and homecare, also time without additional heat styling can be beneficial. You could go for the look you have seen around but have been too scared to make the change. Maybe now in a year of uncertainty, take a stand, make a choice and forget all about the damage, making those dry extra inches something of the past. Now you have the excuse- you could have an actual style cut into your hair. You could learn some simple techniques to achieve that soft wave you like so much, but those heavy ends just won't hold the curl.

Even if you decide the shorter length is not for you, it will grow and in better condition with less damage to the ends. This can be your chance to start again, have a hairover and start from healthy. When its long again in the future and in better condition, you will be glad you made the chop.

Will it work for my hair type?

The great thing about this haircut is it works for most hair types. Finer hair will appear thicker because of the ends being fuller and thicker hair will look smoother for not having different lengths in it. Soft waves will make thinner hair appear to have more dimension and thicker hair can be smoothed down when waving with heat styling tools,

Ways to shake this style up even further...

If you find that your hair goes flat on top, you can always put a disconnected shorter top layer in- to give the haircut some lift. (This works for all hair types)

If the rest of the hair sits in a one length shape then it still has enough length to wave and will keep the blunt fullness at the bottom of the haircut.

If you like the idea of the haircut but worry about the straight line hanging around the face, some light shaping can be a good way to soften out the look. A cheekbone length bang on both sides of the hair is another way to slim down and soften your face without it affecting the rest of the style.

How about embracing a new colour?

Sarah's idea for this super sassy style would be to finish it off with some warmer, richer, coppery tones to give this look some finesse.

If your fairer, a soft pastel golden coppery toner could be enough to give you the difference you have been looking for without having to commit to the longer term affects of going warmer. We have a new range of warmer muted tones so your not flaming ginger and this chalky coverage would suit fairer skin types.'

If you have a warm skin type and a deeper base- a rich permanent copper could be a way to punch your new style and make impact. Copper tones will always fade and will need maintenance, but will fade to softer versions that you might like aswell. (or you can get it topped up to keep the vibrancy)

Sarahs advice to keep this look on trend and be less maintenence is to keep a darker root. It will look more natural and will grow out far better if you keep the root colour darker and have the blend coloured in, so your regrowth line will be far less prominent.

If you are neutral skin type and medium base you can go as bold or as soft as you like, all to fit with your personal style. Copper tones are a great way to go against the grain, add a touch of elegance and often put shine back into your hair if using professional products.

Is the aftercare for copper a lot of work?

It all depends on the tone you go for and the base colour you start with. My advice would be to book in for a consultation with one of our highly trained stylists. We can discuss your needs and give you professional advice regarding your hair. We can discuss what to expect from any choices you make and how the right aftercare can greatly improve the quality of your hair and any colouring services you have.

How to achieve the look

If your lucky enough to have a natural toussle from scrunching, then this soft wave will make a shape on its own. For many of us, our natural waves are uneven throughout the hair or create frizz when simply left. Our reccommendation is the Cloud Nine Curling wand. This easy to use styling tool is great for those who normally struggle with styling as you simply wrap the hair around the wand until you get the amount of curl you are after. If you curl the hair slightly more and let the hair set in the 'goldilocks' curl until the hair has cooled down- Then you can pull out the curl using some tension with your hands to enjoy the done yet undone look. We have this great styling tool to purchase in stock. Give us a call or come into store where our Hygge team will look after you until that wand is yours.

So as the nights draw in, there is only one question.. what are you waiting for?

Book in your appointment using our online booking system through the website, or give us a call to make the change you've been looking for.

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