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Lockdown locks, In for a Shock

Salon Covid 19 update

We hope you are all safe and well and keeping yourselves busy if your off work like us and managing to find ways to adapt to these new uncertain times we are in. I’m sure by now our previous work on your hair will have grown out, whether it’s your Fierce frosty roots creeping through or your super sleek style is now wilting- at least we can all be assured that everyone is in the same boat.

We are currently at home left cringing whilst watching videos and pictures of people doing their own hair, we have seen lots of guys & girls braving the shave. Others are digging themselves a scissor happy hole that they just can't get out of. There have been disasterous home dye nightmares and questionable self stylist moments. Some great triumphs and some not so much.

After a few weeks of low maintenence living- harsher reflections are staring back at us. Alongside groundhog day boredom with nothing better to do- An array of off the shelf dyes have been deemed as essential for many to return a recognisable reflection. Matching the normal salon professional shade will be a struggle to get the results you are hoping for. Additional correction work might make it a longer, more costly process later down the line to correct your mistakes when salons do reopen.

"sometimes no action is the best action of all, just like the lockdown itself."

Lykke & Hygge's Reccomendations

Our advice is to take this time as a chance to let your hair be, take a hair holiday and let it relax. use good quality homecare, wear hats and handbands to get it out of your way, or perfect a braiding technique- some times no action is the best action of all, just like the lockdown itself. If you normally use alot of heat styling, now would be a great time to also have a break from the damage that heat brings to your hair. I like to think of your hair routine much like a weight watchers diet- the more sins you have, the worse your hair will be.

By leaving your colour and putting the straighteners away will mean you can last longer without having to trim the ends of your hair. the healthier the hair, the better it sits. the better it sits, the longer it will hold a style, the less colours will fade in the future if your condition has improved. Another tip would be to wash it less often, your hair will build a protective layer to environmental damage, the natural oils will keep the hair naturally nourished and any colour will fade less- it might feel greasier to begin with but your scalp wont be encouraged to produce as much sebum making it less greasy. Your hair won't feel at its best but rest assured its the best thing for it.

its time for making positive changes for your hair, you may find a natural colour you quite like and can give yourself the time to adjust to seeing yourself differently to have the confidence to rock it when you face the world again. If your growing your hair out you may get that new look you have been desiring. the motto for 2020 hair is definately less is more.

If you simply cannot stand it and need to do something to cover those roots, ask your stylist for the base and shade you should be looking for but accept it is your decision to colour at home, make sure you skin test before application- (the last thing you want is to have to unnessarcerily have to rush down to any medical facility at the moment) and test it on a hidden area of your hair before committing to the full thing.

We have seen people in isolation try to help each other by letting their partners, housemates and family members let out their inner stylist. We all have to do what we have to do and fully understand but if you are going to let someone loose on your hair, keep it simple, research videos online and take it slowly. Hopefully for a lot of you, you won’t be seeing many people during the lockdown so that’s one bonus, but we wanted to let you know what we are doing to prepare for the time when we can open our doors back up and see your lovely faces again.

  • -We are deep cleaning the salon ready and putting procedures in place so we can operate as safely as possible with a good distance between people to minimise risk of infection.

  • -We will be wearing masks and vizors during our time in the salon and will be sterilising everything in between.

  • -We are looking at how we can adapt our services to reduce the volume of clients in the salon and reduce the time people are in the salon for.

  • -We are working with our education team to keep updated on the health and safety, latest products and freshen up on skills that will be forefront when we re-open.

  • -We are well stocked in a mass range of colour, the best innovative treatments and home care to take away with you.

  • -We have new experienced staff members to help us meet client demand and keep the workspace a safe and clean environment. to find out more. meet Tav and Sarah

(Tav lower left, Sarah lower right)

We will be following the new guidelines that will be set out for us, as a new salon we are in a strong position and lucky to have had amazing help and guidance from our HR and accountancy company, they have helped make this uncertain time feel more reassuring.

We will keep you posted for any information on opening. We will contact you as soon as we have a starting date. For the missed appointments that were due to the lockdown, we have record of your appointments so we will be in touch to see if you would like to reschedule.

If you need to get in touch use the contact us section from the website, although our phone lines are not in use, we will respond to emails and messages as soon as possible. We will look forward seeing you all soon, look after yourselves, stay safe and we send much love, respect and admiration to the key workers and NHS battling through so we can be safe. Love always, The Lykke & Hygge team

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