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Hair restored as we reopen our doors

At Lykke & Hygge, we are thrilled after three months to annouce the reopening of our salon which we love, back doing what we are passionate about - Hairdressing!

We are refreshed after enjoying our time at home but have used the time wisely to make improvements to the salon and have made changes to adapt to our new ways of working.

  • Our salon has been redesigned to cater for the needs of social distancing and new government guidelines. We have introduced screening so you are only with your stylist during your appointment in your own little area.

  • Our staff have been trained and fully understand the new procedures and ways of working to keep you, themselves and everyone safe. All staff have completed their barbicide Courses, and we have given them in- salon guidance to ensure safety is the top priority during these new times we are living in.

  • We have a set of guidelines to read outside of the salon before entering this will include:

Clients Will be asked to wait outside by the large windows at the front and wait to be called in for

their appointment. Our waiting area will become redundant at this time to minimize the amount of people in the building. Clients will be kindly asked to hand sanitize on the way in and out and will have sanitizer on their station to use as frequently as they wish. We will be using disposable capes and all sections and equipment will be sterilsed between clients.

All of the team will be wearing vizors and facemasks to help protect everyone in the salon. All clients will be asked to wear a mask too and put their belongings into a bag and will be kept closed and with the client at the station to be taken away with them afterwards. We will only be serving bottled water, which clients are free to take with them after the appointment

We will have our windows open to help keep the ventilation and fresh air running through the salon so the air is not stagnent.

  • We have increased our already generous appointment times to factor in that alot of people will require additional attention as their colour or cut will have either been left for a long time or will need correcting.

  • We have extended our opening hours so now we are available for seven days of every week and offering more late nights to fit around people's busy lives. this has meant that for the majority of the week, we will only have two stylists in the salon, limiting the number of people in the salon at any one time.

  • When you are in the salon, you will be our only focus. we have decided to make the salon safer by introducing a one client per stylist policy, meaning that you wont be juggled between another customer. This also reduces the amount of clients in the salon at any one time. We also have times where there is only one stylist in the salon so if this is of interest to you please get in touch to discuss your needs.

You may see some fresh faces as we have taken on 3 new staff members. We have a new highly experienced Stylist called Sarah, due to start before the lockdown so she has been patiently waiting to start and now eager to meet all of you. We have taken on two new apprentices. Tavia who was working for us on saturdays is now part of the full time team, and Miya who will also be starting as an apprentice. We are very excited for our team to be growing and will give us much needed support during this next chapter of our ever growing journey. With three apprentices we believe in teaching and nuturing the next generation of hairdressers with an exciting trade and vocational skills to stay with them for life.

We will take your bill and rebook appointments whilst you are sat in the chair keeping you safe and reducing the amount of people around the reception area. When your appointment is over you don't have to be in the salon any longer than the appointment itself meaning you can show off your new do to the world sooner.

Currently our appointments are booking up quickly whilst we catch up with ourselves with some stylists booked out for the next seven/ eight weeks. We kindly ask everyone to please be patient and as prepared as you can be regarding your appointment. We will always aim to get you in at the earliest possible date and we thank you all for your kindness and understanding during this testing time.

Please note- our online booking system to currently disabled to allow us the control to manage our own diaries safety and catch up with demand in a fair manner. We will aim to have this back up and running as soon as possible and will kep you updated on this. In the meantime, after Saturday the 4th july- give the salon a call on 01386 45148 or feel free to send us an email at or contact us via our facebook page linked at the bottom of this page.

We won't be increasing our general prices during this time,

however if your roots are

sizable in length expect to pay for the additional colour as we will need to use alot more to get you back to the look you have previously been used to. If your colour needs correcting from at home jobs- we will charge for the extra work involved in this process.

Also note that any cuts where we take off more than three inches will be charged at a restyle rate rather than a standard cut and finish- again we are simply charging for the extra work involved to get your hair managable again after a longer period than usual.

We are looking forward to the transformations that lie ahead, we embrace the challenge and welcome everyone to the environment that we love, doing what we love to do. We are ever humbled by the support, trust and loyalty our clients give to us and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Love always

the Lykke & Hygge team

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